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Marg Peck


Coaching Mind & Body

Our greatest obstacles are often what is inside us, our thinking,
habits and inner dialogue rather than external factors. Coaching
starts from the idea that each person has the wisdom, skills and
resources they need within them, and focuses on the here and now, rather than the past or the distant future. Most people know the answers they need, they may just need help to find them. As a  coach I am a facilitator of learning, supporting you to access wisdom and learn faster than you would alone.


Combining my mind-body practice of 30+ years and coaching skills I have developed a style of coaching I call “Lifewise Coaching” , coaching mind and body. Our bodies are a great source of wisdom and knowing. Our pain, struggles or discomfort are often a source of information about what is not working and needs attention. Learning to quiet our minds and watch our inner dialogue, care for our bodies, cultivate a community that supports us and align ourselves with our inner truth are all important parts of the journey. Wellbeing is a combination of four aspects: mind, body, community and spirit all coming together. Whether it is improvement in health, professional, family, business or sporting achievement you are after, coaching can support you along the way. 

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