Mary Kennedy

0435 078 710

My journey into health and wellness began with a search for a holistic solution to my young son’s chronic tonsillitis and sinusitis. Chiropractic and its fundamental understanding of the body’s innate power to heal itself provided answers that made immense sense & resonated with my own inner wisdom as a young mum.


As I watched my children travel, healthy & strong, through childhood I was drawn by an inner calling to learn and make available to other families the wisdom & skills of Chiropractic which support naturally good health. Along this journey there unfolded a dawning realization of the great gift it was to be able to work naturally using one’s hands to help others to find good health and happiness.

I believe that healing is a partnership, a shared journey, a meeting of hearts in which the inner wisdom of practitioner & patient speak to each other. In the healing resonance of this welcoming & loving space good health naturally strengthens & grows.

While I have always loved caring for families, my former life as a teacher, has led me to appreciate the difficulties some children encounter in learning. My journey has diverted somewhat to acquire, through a number of postgrad programs, the knowledge and skills in early brain development to support these children in their learning & growth.

Enabling children to grow in confidence & happiness through personalized programs that address their developmental issues has become a passionate focus of my work, especially here in Castlemaine.

But in the end, I am a Chiropractor and welcome all who seek health & healing & wish to walk the journey to healing with me.


  • BA, DipEd (Primary Teaching Methods)

  • BAppSc (Chiropractic) – RMIT, 1994

  • Post Grad Certificate Paediatrics, ICPA, USA

  • Post Grad Dip Paediatric Neurodevelopment, INPP, London