Our Covid-19 Response

Chiropractic and Osteopathy:

Hands on chiropractic and osteopathic consultations are available to those who need them. We have extra sanitation measures in place and, if you prefer to avoid the waiting room, you can wait in the courtyard or text us from your car.

Emily is offering reusable non – medical grade fabric masks (made to order) that may help to reduce droplet spread. For more details head to

Please contact:

Kate Blackmore Osteopath Jen Lucas Osteopath

0459 941 605 0407 821 799

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Emily Wilson Chiropractor Alister Harley Chiropractor

0447 668 775  0418 436 156

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Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture:

Our Chinese Medicine and Naturopathic practitioners have pivoted their services to online connection, to assist with all issues related to optimal health and wellbeing. Essential hands-on acupuncture is available on an essential assessed basis. At this time we are focused on supporting your immune system, easing stress and anxiety, and optimising your digestive health as much of your immune system is in your intestinal tract.

Support is also available for general respiratory issues like colds and coughs, children’s health, women’s health & hormones and painful conditions of inflammation such as arthritis.

Online consultations can provide access to herbal medicines, home nutritional strategies & helpful acupressure points for your condition.

Telehealth, Zoom, Facetime or phone options are available.

Please contact:

Rima Truchanas: Grace Natakhan:

0408 407403 0437 293529

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Susan Lintott:

0401 764050 or email:

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Susan’s naturopathic consultations continue online, providing herbal and nutritional supplies delivered or available to collect. There is much that naturopathic medicine can offer at this time including strengthening your immune support, decreasing anxiety and insomnia and assisting your stress response.



Sonia is offering distance healing that incorporates her 25 years of tuning into the body and Reiki training, together with Craniosacral therapy, providing a unique meditative and embodied experience of working through pain and discomfort.

Creative expression:

If you’ve always dreamed of exploring your artistic talents, please see Selina Wilson Art to view her videos on how to create, from her studio.

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