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Hormonal Harmony

Rima and Grace are Chinese Medicine practitioners at Healing Well. 

Seasons change, and our hormones are significant regulators in our health. Are you challenged by fluctuations in your hormonal patterns? It may be that the hormones themselves aren’t balancing well, or that your body is simply loaded with too many stressors, making hormonal harmony more difficult.

Whether you’re a teenager managing moods, menstrual pain and skin health; in your decades of adulthood, managing menstrual cycles, fertility or becoming a mother, your hormones will be influencing many aspects of your life.

Transitioning menopause often means managing significant changes to your digestion, variations in sleep rhythms and relationships, with the addition of hot flushes or weight gain, as you move towards your wisdom years. These experiences demand flexibility and an openness to change.

Reviewing numerous influencing factors may help you alleviate stress on your system and provide insight into your choices and priorities. Consider your dietary habits, exercise, lifestyle, work and study demands that all add pressure to your interconnected body system.

We are creatures of habit, so it may be helpful to review with someone who can provide a fresh perspective to your personal path. Chinese Medicine has a wealth of knowledge on women’s gynaecological health available to assist, incorporating acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Create a treatment plan together, and work towards restoring your balance.

Please contact Rima (0408407403) or Grace (0437 293 529), or make an easy online appointment at We look forward to speaking with you soon.


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