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How massage supports us in times of change

Most of us at some stage or another will experience times in our life that challenge our sense of equilibrium and wellbeing.

These experiences arrive in many forms and generally mark a time of transition, such as the death of a loved one, relationship break-ups, a health crisis, settling into a new home, periods of depression or anxiety with an unclear cause, confrontation within work environment, or a change of career.

As massage therapists, we will often work with people at such times and we observe a multitude of benefits that assist clients in maintaining connection to themselves in a way that fundamentally supports them.

These benefits include:

  • soothing and relaxing the central nervous system, which reduces stress hormones in the body

  • improved quality of sleep, which aids the body’s self repair mechanisms

  • time out in a nurturing and safe space where the mind can quieten, which we witness as a powerful and essential experience in times of chaos just to “tune in” to deeper insights that can bring clarity

  • peace and healing on many levels

Clients commonly book a series of sessions spaced out over weeks or months, as a gentle pledge to themselves to set time aside just for this experience.

At Healing Well in Mostyn Street, Selina WilsonSonia Stocco and Jennifer King each offer something unique to support clients in times of life transition.

Selina is gifted with skills in a form of remedial massage that blends the use of hot stones or Tibetan bowls to bring the whole person into alignment.

Sonia has extensive experience in many kinds of bodywork but also works uniquely by sensing the deeper emotional imbalances that effect the body.

The essence of Jen’s work lies in her intuitive style that aims to guide the client into their own capacity for healing transformation.

All three therapists are available throughout the week and invite enquiries.

Selina Wilson 0400 546 290

Sonia Stocco 0421 219 872


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