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Maintaining Miracles

Helena Read Helena is a remedial massage therapist, dancing freedom facilitator and international participatory event manager. 

Remedial massage provides relief from pain while increasing flexibility and an overall sense of wellbeing.

Maintaining that wellbeing, in order that you may live your life with physical ease is part of the two-way relationship with your massage therapist.

Clients often approach me in the hope that a one-off massage may miraculously heal their pain, and occasionally, very occasionally this happens. A client’s body is in just the right condition to change its relationship with a particular injury. However, more often than not, this miracle occurs over time.

Our bodies receive a daily onslaught of physical and environmental challenges, from pre-exam stress and work pressure, to the operation of portable electronic devices or inhalation of environmental pollutants, not to mention the physical challenges of sports and ageing, or the emotions of human interaction.

A regular massage provides relief, an opportunity for the body to reset pain signals while restoring muscle function. As one of my clients recently said:

 “Massage works for me. I have no pain in my lower back and I can still labor. It’s not just about maintenance, it’s about being able to live, and excel without pain, and with mental wellbeing as a whole person, not shattered by pain.”

A.N. (local tradesman)

My massage clients know that I consider the human body to be nothing short of a total miracle. Supporting you to maintain that miracle is the joy of my work.

I look forward to seeing you at the Healing Well.

For appointments please phone Helena Read on 0400 062930.

For more information see my page.


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