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Scar therapy

By Rima Truchanas

It is remarkable what can be accomplished with surgical procedures.  Usually these represent a significant intervention in a person’s health experience.  Some scars heal well, while others are slow to heal and can remain painful for a long time, with sensations of disconnection from the affected area or sensitivity to touch.  Regions of the body above and below may feel functionally compromised.

Chinese Medicine pays attention to surgical disturbances to the energetic pathways called meridians that can be interrupted during surgery, or when there is significant scarring.  This can be addressed using a range of techniques, including acupuncture, Chinese medicine and an understanding of meridian therapy.

Indications of the health and recovery of a scar may include skin colour, scar depth, texture and temperature, reflecting circulation above and below regionally.

Looking through the lens of Eastern Medicine, circulation can be optimised, and meridians reconnected, to reduce pain and promote healing. These techniques can be applied to recent or old scars. Please call Rima Truchanas on 0408 407 403 to make an appointment.


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