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Spring abundance with Chinese Medicine

Spring is a season of growth and expansion. Can you feel the surge?

It’s a great time to refresh the energy around yourself with a spring clean: clear your clutter, make space for new ideas and be inspired to generate positive change.  Perhaps you’ll choose to revise your health goals too.

Chinese Medicine can help you reassess. How was your immune system through winter? Have you been challenged by persistent coughs and flu? If you have a residual dry cough, try steam inhalations to relieve the dry irritation for a better sleep. If your energy hasn’t picked up, you may need support for an optimal recovery. 

Rest when you’re tired, eat clean, simple, warm foods and manage your stress so the body can restore a healthy balance.

Hayfever season has begun, with some people noticing early effects.  Chinese medicine can assist you to be proactive early. Supporting your immune system may reduce the impacts of seasonal triggers.

Acupuncture may also help relieve various painful conditions. These range from sporting injuries, sprains and strains to menstrual and hormonal issues. Meridian therapy can assist with residual pain and range of movement after fractures and surgery.

Please phone Rima on 0408407403 at Healing Well Chinese Medicine to discuss your health goals and assessment.


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