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Support your immune system: defending colds and flu

By Rima Truchanas

How does your body cope when it comes to winter?  Taking stock of your immune system can help you manage contact with a nasty cold or flu episode.

We all react differently. Some people have a strong immune response, then its over, while other people have a mediocre reaction and are unwell for ages. Your immune system may not be adapting well.  Often, its all happened before, so now is a great time to be proactive!

Help your body adapt to the changing seasons with a daily walk.  Staying active supports good whole body health.  Eat plenty of fresh food, especially oranges, lemons, parsley, and other leafy green vegies rich in Vitamin C .

Check your stress levels. If you’re in hyper-drive, you may not even notice when you’re getting sick, or your body may be distracted from reacting with its best defence.

Invest in rest early, to improve your outcome. A day or two resting can give your body the advantage it needs, to overcome an episode that could lay you out for a week to a month. Replace sick days with health days.

If you “catch a cold”, try having a hot bath, and then go straight to bed with hot lemon, honey and garlic or ginger drink to help you generate a sweat. You may be able to “throw off“ the cold.

If you share a lot of bugs on the train commuting to the city, have children regularly sick, or have a sickly work environment this time of year, strengthen your immune system.

Visit Rima at Healing Well’s Chinese Medicine Clinic.  She has gentle effective strategies with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to help boost your immune, or treat body aches to chronic cough.  Appointments are available throughout the week and alternate Saturdays.

Be proactive with your health. Call Rima Truchanas on 0408 407403.


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