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The growing consciousness of health and wellbeing

Wellness is about being happy in mind, body and spirit.  It’s about getting the most from life rather than just getting by.  

The true source of health and wellbeing rests within us and not outside of us and by developing an internal listening and inner wisdom this can help to develop our capacity for self-awareness and how to live well.  Healthy living creates a strong resource base for managing the stress and demands of our busy lives and we need our own individual ways for helping to support a sense of wellness through these times.  

There is a growing consciousness of the value of eating well, regular exercise, good sleeping patterns and relaxation, which help us to achieve this. Yet so often this is what gets lost during the busy stressful times where the mind and body connection shuts down and our body barometer goes offline.  The first sign of stress is often a change in our breathing patterns where the breath becomes shallow and constricted which activates the central nervous system and increases the stress hormones in the body. This is the cue to become aware of what is being emotionally triggered and how it is affecting your body.

Experiences of stress present in many forms and generally come where there is a shock, change, adjustment or loss and may manifest as anxiety or depression or the reactivation of old trauma symptoms.  

There are ways to reopen the channel of communication between the mind and body so that they can work together to help create a sense of balance again. The starting point is often awareness and acknowledgement that you are probably stressed and anxious, and sometimes speaking about the source of this can help.  A mindfulness-based counselling approach can help to understand what is being triggered and held within, and where it is being held in the body. Emotional support and validation is also often important during these times either through partners, friends, family or professionally. 

Healing Well offers a range of complementary treatment approaches that help build the connection to ourselves and our internal and external resources. Our wide range of therapies treat the whole person. Visit our practitioners page for suggestions on the right modality and practitioner for you.  


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