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The Healing Well Symbol

By Rima Truchanas

Our logo emerged from group discussions about a shared vision that began in 2005. It encapsulates the idea of a deep resource and the nurturing qualities of water, so necessary to life. At the time, our community was in the grip of serious water shortages consequent of drought and climate change.

This spiral is consistent with the cochlea of the ear, the left ventricle of the heart and flow forms found in water, flowers, trees and rock formations. In his book Sensitive Chaos, Theodore Schwenk writes on the spiritual nature of the liquid element:

“Wherever there is water, life can become active in the material world: where there is no water this possibility ceases… It is the great healer of all that is sick and has lost its poise; for water forever strives after balance, a living balance, never a static one that would extinguish life. It is everywhere a mediator between contrasts, which grow sharper where it is absent. Thus it brings together elements hostile to one another, constantly creating something new out of them…

Water does not close itself to light as does a solid body, but makes itself clear and transparent … it maintains a central position between earth and cosmos, never losing itself to the one or the other and yet remaining closely connected with both, uniting them in an eternal circulation. Water holds a balance between extremes of solidification and evaporation, always retaining the possibilities of transformation …

Water pictures – as though in a great parable – higher qualities of man’s (and women’s) development. Qualities such as the overcoming of rigidity in thought, of prejudice, of intolerance; the ability to enter into all things and to learn to understand them out of their own nature and to create out of polarities a higher unity; all these are aims of human striving which we can recognize also in the qualities of water (p. 98-99).”

Inspired by an innovative sustainable futures movement in our community, we hope that wholistic approaches to our health and wellness can be transferable to our broader thinking.

Ref: Schwenk, Theodore 1965. Sensitive Chaos. Rudolf Steiner Press, USA.


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