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Women’s Healthy Cycles

Menstruation is a fundamental aspect of life and a barometer for women’s health.

When menstruation is viewed as a whole cycle, a woman is always in one of four phases: menstruation, pre-ovulation, ovulation and premenstrual. A woman’s well-being is designed to ebb and flow through these different phases – she is four women in one! By responding to the different energy of each phase she cultivates a more balanced life.

Living with the flow of our whole cycle is an empowering way to approach menstrual difficulties, helping to reduce the stress associated with these and making life wholly more enjoyable.  Each part influences the whole, so we are always in a position to make positive changes.

Some women experience their menstrual cycle as a time to dread, due to challenging symptoms such as pain, headaches, mood swings, nausea or heavy bleeding. Rather than accepting this as the norm, Traditional Chinese Medicine views these difficult symptoms as an indication of imbalance in the body.

Treatment with acupuncture, herbal remedies and lifestyle changes can help restore a healthy, symptom-free menstrual cycle. Regular exercise, stress-reduction and a diet with minimal caffeine and processed foods – especially sugar – is a great start to supporting menstrual wellbeing. As a woman improves her overall health this is reflected in her cycle, with less distressing symptoms and a smooth transition between the four phases.

Rima and Grace at Healing Well Chinese Medicine are available to support your whole cycle health, with easy online bookings available

Rima: 0408 407 403 Grace: 0437 293 529


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